SPINKIT Mobiele DJ Services

We are the mobile DJ booth for every party. Either performing in the background while you are catching up and having a drink or bursting out loud! Spinkit will make your party!

Our trendy mobile DJ booth is flexible & compact. We walk from inside to outside, from room to room.

Our experienced DJs are always in the right place, adapt and set the right tone.

Whether we’re playing on a whisper level during your company party or booming load while you are dancing, Spinkit will create the perfect atmosphere!

Feel free to tell us your musical preferences so that we can enhance your party in “tailor-made” way.

Book a Spinkit DJ now so the party can start! Hire a DJ!

The advantages of Spinkit summed up:

  • mobile, flexible and compact with a clear powerful sound
  • an all-in-one mobile DJ booth
  • musical DJs with many years of experience in the music industry
  • we can operate at any volume level
  • both in and outside
  • we can be deployed quickly and easily
  • no wiring / cables nor long set-up times
  • possibility for branding and advertising
  • we always take a wireless microphone with us for speeches

The power of Spinkit

Founder and owner Michiel de Jong: ‘The great power of Spinkit is the musical experience within a party. In other words: no enormous sound installations, but short-lived, intimate parties.With this instant party concept, groups within a group are entertained in a different way. Because the sound source and direction can easily be adjusted by the mobile DJ, anyone who just wants to catch up and have a drink can make themselves well understood.’ Of course, the Spinkit is also very suitable for smaller parties as a stand-alone DJ set.

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