Our DJ’s

If you want to hire a DJ, then of course this DJ has to fit with your party. Find out here what our D’s have to offer. If you have a preference for one of our DJs, just let us know! Together we will find the perfect DJ for your party.

Mr. Spinkit 2018

Mister Spinkit is the alias of Amsterdam-based Michiel de Jong, who grew up in Arnhem. Seasoned musician, music freak and DJ with a preference for swing & groove. Mr. Spinkit plays a wide variety music, in style blocks if desired, with attention to volume, sound quality and dynamics. Music influences: Dance, Global Sounds, House, Ska and Soul. ‘I am inspired by the moment. Depending on space, atmosphere and audience, I come to my choices. The challenge is to trigger the attendees through a subtle beginning to a dancing climax’.

Spinkit DJ Roos van Breukelen 2018B

DJ Roos van Breukelen is a cheerful, sunny, all-round DJ. Roos has a very broad musical taste. From good Jazz, Soul & Funk to delicious Dutch sing-alongs. From delicious ‘guilty pleasures’ to the latest hits! Besides Spinkit she is a freelance singer and performs with various bands. The heart wants what it wants. That is why Roos can also be booked as a singer on special request.

Spinkit DJ Marcel Fokker 2018

With appropriate pride, we may also add Marcel Fokker to the illustrious list of Spinkit DJs. This born entertainer will make a party of every appearance. A true and highly experienced entertainer in every conceivable environment for every audience. On special request he will also demonstrate his singing qualities.

Spinkit DJ Tatum Hoetmer 2018

Tatum Hoetmer is a very experienced DJ and singer. A musician in heart and soul, she became a hit on the stage at a young age.   After several cover bands and a European tour with her own music she can now also win over any audience with Spinkit. Thanks to her musical experience Tatum is versatile and she definitely holds her own.

Spinkit DJ Alec Todd

The in Utrecht born Alec Todd is one of the younger Spinkit DJs. At the age of 9, Alec began to make music. Some years later he decided to further develop his talent by going to the conservatory. This time on bass guitar. After successfully completing two musical studies, Alec started working as a DJ at Spinkit and is part of several music projects.

Maikel Thijssen has been obsessed with music all his life. When he was twenty, he went to the conservatory in Utrecht where he graduated as a jazz guitarist and composer. On the stage, Maikel always managed to combine all styles. Obviously, he has a very broad musical taste. Because of his great stage experience Maikel knows very well how to create a nice atmosphere at every occasion. His style can be described, other than mainstream, as eclectic with occasional obscure flashbacks to the 80’s & 90’s.

Spinkit DJ Lara Kowsoleea 2018

Lara Kowsoleea is a true music diva. Not only is she a DJ at Spinkit, she sings with various bands and performs throughout the country. Lara plays all round music. She is a true lover of Soul herself, but she will effortlessly transfer to other genres. She surprises her audience with soulful vibes and dance. Let’s swing!

Spinkit DJ Nils Vink 2018

DJ Vinq (Nils Vink) find his roots in the Grand mix 1988 by Ben Liebrand. A re-mix of the best records of that year. In the 90’s he started scratching records in his bedroom with Grandpa’s wooden Dual and a plastic Sony. After an exciting period in Curacao as a radio DJ, he now focuses on playing funk ‘n soul cakes.

Spinkit DJ Janneke van Dooren 2018

The radiant Janneke van Dooren is an actress and singer by training. Blessed with a very broad taste in music, she is very versatile. Janneke grew up with jazz music and received a musical education at Fontys University of the Arts. As a DJ she likes to mix up good trance / dance beats with feel good dancing tracks or easy pop music. With her fashionable outfits and unique presence, this Amsterdam native is a striking appearance at every event.

Spinkit DJ Jan Gipman 2018

Presenting and street theatre are the passions of Jan Gipman. Improvising is his profession. And that fits perfectly within the concept of Spinkit. ‘You are on an equal foot with your audience and we are able to build a party in unexpected places’.

‘Not for the public, but with the public.’

Spinkit DJ Ayal Oost 2018

Ayal Oost has an acting background and has appeared in various plays and TV series. He loves different musical styles and has a slight preference for the 90s.

Let’s be honest: Guilty pleasures are golden!

He is always open to new music styles and trends and wants to make something memorable of every event!

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